Halloween Costume Wednesday Addams in School Uniform Nevermore Academy with Fall Foliage

2023 Halloween Costume Wednesday Addams

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2023 Halloween Costume Wednesday Addams

It’s that time of year again… Another creative Halloween costume photoshoot of our daughter, dressed as Wednesday Addams (Nevermore Academy outfit) from the Netflix series. If you are new to following us or want a refresher, check out last year’s Amelia Earhart costume that we created with a custom-sized cardboard airplane. Her Maleficent costume was also so much fun to accessorize. It’s become our family tradition to personalize these costumes and to create them around her personality for the year.

Together as a family we watched the entire Wednesday series (when it came out in 2022, after Halloween) and immediately knew we had to create a costume for 2023 and photoshoot themed around parts of the show. There were so many creative scripted episodes, wardrobes and scenes – from the ‘parents weekend’, the epic dance scene, and the final shot where Wednesday types “THE END?” on her typewriter. We honestly didn’t know which outfit to choose because they were all that good.

DIY Costume Accessory List


After doing some costume research we found an Etsy maker that offered the Wednesday Addams school uniform in smaller sizes. We thought this direction would be more unique and where we could include more props. Since Nevermore Academy is located in the woods, we knew that Mount Lemmon (an hour from Tucson) would be the perfect scenery especially during October when the leaves change colors. These photographs below sum up the joy (or in this case, the misery) of our family tradition.

I act as if I don’t care if people dislike me. Deep down… I secretly enjoy it. – Wednesday

I find social media to be a soul-sucking void of meaningless affirmation. – Wednesday

Use the words ‘little’ and ‘girl’ to address me again and I can’t guarantee your safety. – Wednesday

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