2021 Halloween Costume Maleficent

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2021 Halloween Costume Maleficent

Fall season is a time we look forward to every year for many reasons – the heat of summer begins to fade in the desert, we can dine al fresco and we can start planning our DIY Halloween costume for our daughter Nova. This became our family tradition (by accident). We just loved the creativity of selecting/designing her outfit. When she was a baby we had stumbled upon an online shop that made handmade costumes for little ones. We were in love with the uniqueness, thoughtfulness and time that went into crafting such a garment that you couldn’t find at any big box store. From there on out it was our goal to always support a fellow small business and use the accessories throughout the year.

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This year we had set our eyes on the most GORGEOUS couture-like Maleficent dress and headpiece from an Etsy maker in the UK. It was a splurge, but last year was nonexistent. It was a 7 year olds dress-up dream. Sadly with Covid manufacturing and shipping delays we had to cancel our order as it wasn’t going to arrive in time. BOO! Before it got down to the wire, on a whim, we checked out the dreaded big box halloween store. It was a Friday afternoon and we had hoped to beat the weekend crowd. I (Casia) actually went alone so I could complete my mission and focus. Mama bear was determined. To my surprise the store wasn’t busy and I found one Maleficent costume in our daughter’s size. I held tight to the package and walked around more. I collected a sorceress staff, a raven that was an accessory to a scarecrow and then I debated on a few wing options from the adult section. It was too good to be true! Thankfully everything fit and all we had to tweak was the color of the staff, which I spray painted matte black. Parenting winning right here! Our daughter was thrilled and these photographs below sum up the joy of our family tradition.

Maleficent is a powerful fairy living in the Moors, a magical forest realm bordering a human kingdom.

THE RAVEN – Maleficent’s friend, partner, loyal servant, and pet. After being saved by Maleficent, he agreed to be her servant and act as her “wings”.

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