Amelia Earhart, Aviator Children's Halloween Costume

2022 Halloween Costume Amelia Earhart

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2022 Halloween Costume Amelia Earhart

If you have been following us for awhile, then you know how much creativity goes into our daughter’s DIY Halloween kid costume every year. If you are new or want a refresher, check out last year’s Maleficent costume that we pieced together on the fly. This time we were determined to get a head start but no matter how proactive we seem to be with collecting items there are always a few hiccups along the way.

Now that Nova is getting older and more opinionated about what she wants to dress up as, we figured this might be the last where we can sway her a bit (she always wants to be a witch, ha!). So instead of going that route for the third time, we searched on Instagram for #kidcostume. We immediately fell in love with the Amelia Earhart inspiration from @mer_mag that she created in 2018 for her daughter. The cardboard plane construction is what playtime dreams are made of and accessorizing with clothing that can be worn regularly is what we are all about. Nova had recently completed the book “Who Was Amelia Earhart?” by Kate Boehm Jerome (a fantastic read for an 8 year old) and she was equally excited for this Halloween concept.

DIY Costume Accessory List


Remember how we mentioned being proactive when it came to creating a unique costume? We were well on our way until we realized that the site we order the prefabricated airplane turned out to be a scam. Ugh, why??? We thought we had avoided the major DIY part of the costume especially during our busiest time of year with photo sessions. With one week left and everything else arriving, Eric scrambled to draw, scale and design her cardboard airplane. Again if you know us well then you know that the architect designer side came out in full force. Spending 30 hours to construct was almost cry-able. Yet, it was worth it in the end. He developed a custom, made to size plane for our tiny girl. “N” logo and all. Never did we imagine using her baby shower party logo years later. She was ecstatic and these photographs below sum up the joy of our family tradition.

Amelia Earhart was a pioneer. This doesn’t mean she traveled west in a covered wagon or lived in a log cabin. It means she had a special spirit. She liked to be the first to do new things.

In the 1920’s Amelia Earhart became a pilot. She helped start the airline business in the U.S. She was also a writer, a speaker, and a fashion designer. But it all started with her love of flying.

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