Puppy portraits with daughter on front porch

Our Puppy Portraits


Our Puppy Portraits

We are thrilled to finally share our front porch puppy portraits with you!

We’ve been keeping a secret…

“Ohhh what is it you ask?” Well… we’ve waited 7 years for this little puppy and kept her all to ourselves this summer. Selfish, maybe? But so worth it. Now you know why we’ve been doing early morning walks and sharing them on our IG stories. We were going to wait to get a dog until our daughter turned 10 next spring but here we are…

Everyone, say “Hi” to Luna! Aka Luna-Bean.

We said if we ever had another girl we would have Nova + Luna.

Those who know us well know that we’ve been on a LONG dog break ever since our sweet Teek, our rescue Ewok (Brussels Griffon/Yorkshire Terrier) who later turned into a cart dog. Caring for an animal with special needs while your human baby is also in diapers was wild and one of the hardest experiences we’ve been through.

It challenged our marriage and our parenting, making us stronger. It was so worth it to see their bond. It was irreplaceable. I mean, who wouldn’t swoon over a toddler and a cart dog walking joyfully together?

It totally happened, often.

Fast forward to this past June, a few days after Luna came into our lives, I bent down in our kitchen and stared into those Cavalier puppy dog eyes and spoke in a soft voice… “If you are Teek, jump up on me.” She did! The most gentle front paws onto my chest, just staring back at me.

Coincidence, maybe? Or, maybe a sign?

It took weeks for our daughter to warm up to Luna, probably around when these puppy portraits where documented. The obligations that come with a puppy like waking up every few hours in the middle of the night to go potty outside, puppy training classes and trying not to get upset or jealous when she doesn’t snuggle with her. Nova has had our full attention for so many years, it was definitely a transition to gaining a sibling and the shared time.

Recently I’ve been taking Luna in the car to school pick-up. What a rewarding sight. She patiently waits in the front seat and when she hears the door unlock she gets up on the arm rest, tiny tail wagging and looks out to see her favorite person… which is our daughter.

If you are longing for a family session that includes your puppy/dog, we’d love to chat! Furry children are always welcome and bring so much personality to your family portraits. That is clearly evident here!

When we begin planning your photography session, during your consultation we will determine the best location where your children and dogs are most comfortable. Your home is a nice setting as it is the most familiar environment for them. We will guide you on what to wear and how to coordinate, home styling and determine your heirloom art. This up front planning will give longevity with your portraits. The results will be personalized and timeless. You’ll look back on these puppy portraits years from now remembering how tiny they were and how much love you shared together as a family.

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