White Sands National Monument New Mexico Photography by Fletcher and Co

2021 Summer Bucket List

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2021 Summer Bucket List

We can hardly believe summer is almost over… can you? We filled up our bucket with as much fun as possible. As a family of three we decided long ago that we much prefer creating experiences over anything else. Some of those have become traditions for us, weekend breakfast together at our favorite local brunch place, and others have pushed us beyond our comfort zones. Home is comfortable, but every now and then we long to explore. So this summer we mixed it up and did just that!

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Hands down our favorites were the staycation and vacation in a near by state. After a year of no travel, or exploring further than our own city, we were ready to hit the road. In June we booked a 2-night staycation in Scottsdale Arizona at The Scott Resort. This family friendly boutique hotel has two pools, a restaurant, and loads of cozy seating areas to lounge in. It’s a little slice of paradise hidden in the middle of downtown Scottsdale. Our favorite was the incline beach pool with tiny pebbles, much like sand (without sticking to you). It was our go-to spot. When we weren’t swimming or napping we ordered room service and dined al fresco by our room (remember lots of places to lounge outdoors). We enjoyed the American classics combined with Caribbean-inspired flavors. We are still craving their Almond Butter & Banana Toast, Granola Bowl, and the Roasted Vegetable Oaxacan Pizza with White Bean Puree.


– John Steinbeck

In July we booked a 2-night stay in Albuquerque New Mexico at Los Poblanos Historic Inn & Organic Farm. Another family friendly destination, only this time we were surrounded by 25 acres of lavender fields, cottonwood trees, and lush gardens. We fell in love the moment we arrived. The property has a wonderful mix of historic areas and modern charm. We stayed in a “north field” room and had the pleasure of over-looking the lavender fields the moment we woke. At sunset, sprinkled with rain, we relaxed with a glass of wine. It was divine to say the least. We strolled nature trails, explored the gardens, dined at Campo (their farm to table restaurant) and swam. The farm shop is a must do and features products grown and produced on the farm. We took home a handmade carved wood board for bread and cheese, Los Poblanos hot sauce, and a handmade baby alpaca figurine.

We also made a stop at White Sands National Monument. The place is jaw dropping. The clouds were out of this world and the sand is so white and reflective it blinds you with its beauty. We definitely want to come back when it’s not 90+ degrees out and spend more than 60 minutes exploring. So happy we snagged these quick snapshots of the environment and all the plants that decide to call this place home. It makes us want to go back and create some more artwork. Soon! This trip was exactly what we needed. These summer family memories will be with us forever.

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