Lively Fall Session with Brother and Sister


Lively Fall Session with Brother and Sister


Tucson AZ

I hear this often…”I’ve been wanting to do a motherhood session with you for awhile and kept putting it off. Either because I felt bad that I wasn’t including my husband or I wasn’t happy with my physical appearance or my children are so wild these days.” Let me tell you, you are not alone. Mom guilt is real and so are the excuses.” It happens daily, heck who we kidding, hourly. This is exact reason reason why I created a motherhood division, JUST FOR MOMS!!! Because we always put everyone first before our needs. It’s just a fact. So when it comes to having precious photographs of you with your children, guess where you are? Not in them. Because you’re too busy, or you feel not ready, or you’re the one taking them.

I guarantee you after each session, no mom has ever thought … “I’m glad I waited this long!” Or “I wish my husband was here!” Instead they are on a mom high, so happy they got quality time and quality heirlooms to pass down to their children. These are the photographs they have been craving, for years. Photographs that showcase their unique bond, photos that show how present mom is and moments captured that scream … you are loved! There’s never a perfect time for photographs, your children will always be growing and always wild. Again another fact. So let’s just agree to NO MORE WAITING.

Today was really just the best. Thank you again for making it so special. I’ve said it before – but we are just so fortunate to have you here in Tucson.” – Jenny

Wardrobe for mom and children provided by the studio

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