Motherhood portrait session

Celebrate Motherhood Portrait Event 2024


Celebrate Motherhood Portrait Event 2024

Motherhood Studio Portraits
Tucson, AZ

Our 6th Annual Celebrate Motherhood Event recap!

But first a PSA… Let your photographer go on your motherhood journey with you. Let them capture you like your children see you. Great photography requires a willingness and openness to be seen as the ones close to you see you. The vulnerability, conversations and bonding only helps to photograph your story. We are here to create what you crave most… precious portraits with your children.

These petite motherhood portrait sessions are hosted by Fletcher and Co at our Tucson photography studio. This once a year event documents and celebrates motherhood and what truly matters… simply being together. They are a wonderful way for past and new clients to experience a glimpse of what we do year round and a morning of pampering. As always it is such a treat to go through these images and see all the silly expressions and love the children have for their mother. It is a very rewarding, full weekend where we try our very best to convey these moments in just a few minutes.

So beautiful!! Thank you, we will look at the photographs a 1000 more times.


A HUGE thank you goes out to our Fletcher and Co team… Our daughter Nova (the real MVP) helped Eric with greeting, handing out snacks, and even making the children laugh during their photoshoot. Erin, our assistant, kept the studio wardrobe organized and captured behind the scenes video moments that showcased the liveliness of the event. Stormi, hair and makeup stylist of Stormi Pro Beauty, who spoiled the moms and made them feel their best with simple photo-ready glam. Teryn, gift basket curator of The Alcove, put together the most heartfelt gifts personalized specifically for our clients.

Having our dream team means these events run incredibly smooth. We are truly grateful for their dedication and attention to every detail. It also can not go without being said that our hearts are full because of the cheering and support from our loyal motherhood portrait clients. We are lucky to be part of their lives and look forward to becoming their family photographer for years to come.

Wardrobe and studio styling provided by Fletcher and Co

I’m obsessed with all of them. They are truly fabulous. Just looked through them with the kiddos and they loved them. It was pretty cute.


Casia you are magic and thanks to Stormi for making me look fabulous.


These made my day by the way! Thank you so very much – wonderful to receive these images among the chaos of daily life.


The final pictures are amazing!!! We couldn’t be happier.


Thank you Casia, and team. These are so beautiful, I love them all.


I will treasure these forever. You have such an eye for detail and it was a perfect day. I felt so pampered getting my make-up done and loved the adorable gift basket! Thank you for capturing my journey through motherhood.


Motherhood Event Appreciation Boxes

This year we had the privilege of collaborating with Teryn of The Alcove. Her gorgeous appreciation baskets, which were gifted to each mother, were intentionally and thoughtfully curated. With mothers in mind she selected goods around the need for them to REST.

Imagine this; a candlelit bath with aromas of citrus and frankincense traveling through the air, skin coated with luxurious coconut milk powder, sipping on heart warming hibiscus tea and then slipping into the coziest of cloud socks for a sweet night of REST.

The Alcove is a gift giving is an experience, just like our motherhood portrait sessions… Quite the perfect match! We are grateful for her contributions and collaboration. When you have a moment go support/follow. @thealcovetucson works incredibly hard to provide curated gifts with a beautiful personal touch, our Tucson community is lucky to have her.

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