Modern natural light maternity motherhood portrait with toddler in studio

Celebrate Motherhood Portrait Event 2022


Celebrate Motherhood Portrait Event 2022

Studio Motherhood Portraits
Tucson, AZ

This event is something that new and past clients look forward to every year… Us too! We have found that women are typically the one always behind the camera documenting the growth of their children. So it isn’t a surprise that images with their children are few and far between. This event celebrates motherhood and the bond we share. These petite sessions hosted in our Tucson studio are a wonderful way to experience a glimpse of what we do and a morning of pampering. As always it is such a treat to go through these photos and see all the silly expressions and love the children have for their mamas.

That was the cutest thing I have ever done.

Saddie (13)

A HUGE thank you goes out to our Fletcher and Co team, stylists and collaborators. It was magical to have our daughter Nova assisting for the first time. She helped Eric with greeting, handing out snacks, and even making the children laugh during their photoshoot. The biggest help came from Emily, who kept the studio clean and the wardrobe organized. Hello dream team!

Hair and Makeup

Haus of Dreams

Wardrobe and styling provided by Fletcher and Co

They are all just so wonderful and how you managed to capture such perfect and authentic moments in the midst of kiddo chaos is your super power. Plus making a pregnant mama feel beautiful on top of it all is a true gift.


Are you kidding me? You are a miracle worker. I was worried that the kids had been too wild but I had no reason to be. Pure magic.

Lauren E

Today was really just the best. Thank you again for making it so special. I’ve said it before – but we are just so fortunate to have you here in Tucson.


Client Appreciation

Day 2 was a way to give back to the clients from the year before who did a full session and continue to support us year after year. They all received a complimentary seat at our event and a matted 5×7 fine art print for their nightstand. Every morning they can wake up and relive the joy from this day!

Casia is so fun.

Clint (7)

It’s us who owe YOU the big Thank You! Thank you for always making your studio warm and inviting. We appreciate the thoughtfulness you bring to every session. Our Sunday was the best we’ve had in such a long time. It felt good to press pause and celebrate what’s good.

Lauren V

Tears are filling my eyes as I look through the gallery. Thank you so much for capturing these moments with my kiddos and for giving ME a moment to appreciate and be in awe of this pregnancy. Such a gift.


Motherhood Event Appreciation Boxes

This year our motherhood event appreciation boxes, which were gifted to each mother, focused solely on including goods by women owned businesses and makers in Tucson, AZ. These samplings (full-sized products really) became more than we could have ever hoped for and elevated the event experience. We are grateful for their contributions and collaboration. When you have a moment check out their website and go support/follow them on social media. They work incredibly hard to provide heart-filled products and services to our community. They are all mothers too!


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