Studio baby portraits with mom, Tucson Arizona

Baby E’s First Year of Portraits


Baby E’s First Year of Portraits

Studio Baby Portraits – Tucson, Arizona

Rock Family

Life doesn’t always give you the sleeping newborn or willing sibling during their studio portraits. More often than not, it’s the tired, sore mom just trying to make it through another hour. Or the dad who wants to help but the sibling wants all the attention and only to play. The beauty of the family is that it is never a perfect moment; each one’s love is shown in so many different ways. I pay attention to the details, so you don’t forget later.

First year of portraits with baby E, three motherhood membership sessions of love and growth.

We chose to work with your photography business because of your extensive experience and the reputation for client satisfaction you’ve built over the past nearly two decades. Your longevity in the industry speaks volumes about your professionalism, quality of work, and ability to meet clients’ needs consistently. Our images are beautiful, all the feels.

– Taylor

This is Taylor’s second Motherhood Membership with us, for this first session we focused on newborn. Our goal is to photograph this milestone in the first 3 weeks. However making sure you feel comfortable from recovery is our top priority. These portraits are a time to celebrate the long arrival of this new little baby and document the change in your family with another addition. Witnessing how your first child and now another, interact together, their bond and sibling-hood love. If you break free from getting the perfect portrait and just be, that’s when the magic happens. You can relax, let go and before you know it you’ve forgotten that a camera is even present. Together we go with the flow.

Ivory Gauze Dress

Nothing Fits But

Newborn Kimono Bodysuit

Quincy Mae

Wardrobe and styling provided by the studio

For the second session, 7 months old, we focused on baby E sitting up and watching his older sister. Big sis is a ham and started to steal the show. We loved every moment of it. Mom also brought a favorite bonnet (we had incorporated one for his sister’s session too when she was a baby), it was a lovely way to tie their sessions together. Scroll below to see how wild and silly motherhood truly is.

Floral Dress

Carly Jean Los Angeles

Rust Dress

Raised by Water

Wardrobe and styling provided by the studio

Baby feet in mother's hands

For the third session, first birthday, we focused on baby E walking and keeping up with his older sister. Boy oh boy was he now mobile, it was so fun capturing his excited steps. Usually the second child is more active because they want to follow the sibling. Mom also brought back sister’s adorable straw hat (we had incorporated at the first session), it was a lovely way to see the growth in her daughter (bangs vs no bangs).

It is so bittersweet to have wrapped up their second Motherhood Membership. Going on this journey with mother’s is something we value and don’t take for granted. I feel we both are excited for the future milestones yet we want time to slow down. We are already brainstorming their next outdoor family session here in Tucson, Arizona.

What an absolute honor it is to become their family photographer and create consistent, timeless heirlooms for their home and generations to come.

Straw Hat

Ezra Zayn – Little Human Wears

Rust Romper

Little Urban Apparel

Wardrobe and styling provided by the studio

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